Why community matters

While no longer simply defined by geography or cultural similarities, we believe Britain’s sense of community is as strong as ever.

We also recognise that the experience of community has changed for many and so we commissioned a study to explore the modern experience of community in Britain, and why it continues to matter as much today as ever before.

What we’ve discovered

Britain’s sense of community is alive and well!

Discovering communities

From fly-fishing to hip-hop there is a world of diverse community experiences to be explored...

Fly-fishing community: Fly-fishing’s about more than just the catch.

Zero waste community: Much more than recycling, it’s a commitment to a new way to live life.

Board games community: The group that plays together, stays together.

Surfing community: The reason why surfers chase the waves.

Basketball community: More than just a sport.

Hip hop community: How hip hop’s a way of life.

Celebrating our common connections

No matter what brings us together, community is at the heart of everything we do.

What's community to you?